Coffee Horchata – Starter Pack


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In stock

Get two cans of each Coffee Horchata flavour and a free organic canvas bag (worth £14.95).

Classic Blend: The classic coffee blend redefined.

Maple Caramel: An irresistible and decadent favourite.

Vanilla Mocha: A nostalgic chocolatey adventure.

Our unique blend of tiger nuts and rice milk combines the best of Nigerian, Spanish and Mexican Horchatas. Naturally sweetened with dates for an indulgent and unique taste profile. Nitro infused to create a silky microfoam and enhance the smooth and velvety texture of our Coffee Horchata.

The perfect treat for every occasion. It’s like a traditional coffee, but better.


Horchata. Reimagined.

Discover our unique and indulgent plant based coffees, expertly formulated with taste first in mind. This 3,000 year-old drink is timeless indulgence at its finest.

  • Tiger nut origin: Valencia, Spain
  • Plant Based
  • Globally Inspired Ingredients
  • Artisan Coffee Flavours

Store in a cool, dry place. Shake well before drinking. Best served chilled.

“Gretel & Belle are breaking barriers and giving life to horchata. Simply breathtaking drinks.”



Horchata is a delicious plant-based beverage made with tiger nuts. Gretel & Belle’s horchata is the UK’s first and only version of this 3000 year old drink. Welcome to a new chapter of a great tasting history.

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