The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Syrups

What is coffee syrup?

Coffee syrup is a concentrated coffee extract that is used to flavour coffee and other beverages. It is made by steeping coffee beans in water and then evaporating the water to leave a thick, syrupy liquid. Coffee syrup is often used in coffeehouses to make flavoured coffee drinks. It can also be used to make iced coffee and cold brew coffee.

Coffee syrup has a strong coffee flavour and is very sweet. Coffee syrup is available in both pump and squeeze bottles.

When using coffee syrup, it is important to remember that it is a concentrate. This means that it should be diluted with water or milk before being consumed. The ratio of coffee syrup to water or milk will vary depending on the recipe, but a general rule of thumb is to use 1 part coffee syrup to 4 parts water or milk.

Coffee syrup can be used to make a variety of different beverages. Some of the most popular include coffee horchata, iced coffee, lattes and frappes. Coffee syrup can also be used in baking. It can be used as a flavouring for cakes, cookies, and other desserts. Coffee syrup can also be added to frosting or used as a filling for pies and pastries.

With a little creativity, coffee syrup can be used to create a variety of different drinks and desserts that will be sure to please any coffee lover.

How to make coffee syrup

There are many benefits to making your own coffee syrup at home. For one, you can control the ingredients that go into it. This means you can avoid any artificial colours or sweeteners that are often found in store-bought coffee syrups. You can also customise the flavour of your coffee syrup to suit your own taste.

Another benefit of making homemade coffee syrup is that it is much cheaper than buying it from the store. The ingredients to make your own syrup at home will only cost a few pounds.

Lastly, making coffee syrup at home is a great way to use up any leftover coffee that you might have. Instead of letting it go to waste, you can transform it into a delicious and sweet coffee syrup that can be used in a variety of ways.

Whether you like your coffee horchata sweetened with a little syrup or you prefer to drink it on its own, there are many reasons to consider making your own coffee syrup at home.

Coffee syrup is a great way to add a little extra flavour to your morning coffee horchata. It’s also really easy to make at home, and only requires a few simple ingredients. With so many benefits, it’s hard to resist giving it a try!


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup coffee grounds


Step 1

Combine water and sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat.

Step 2

Stir until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture is bubbling.

Step 3

Add the coffee grounds and stir gently.

Step 4

Continue cooking for 2-3 minutes, or until the mixture is thick and syrupy.

Step 5

Remove from the heat and strain into a glass jar or bottle.

Step 6

Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

And that’s it! Homemade coffee syrup is definitely worth the effort, and it’s so much cheaper than buying it at the store. Give it a try the next time you want to add a little something special to your coffee horchata.

How to use coffee syrup

The key to using coffee syrup is to start with a small amount and gradually add more to taste. If you add too much, it will be too sweet and overpower the coffee horchata flavour.

Start by adding a small amount of syrup to your horchata. Start with about 1 tablespoon for every 8 ounces of horchata. Stir until the syrup is fully dissolved. Taste your coffee horchata and add more syrup if desired. If you’re looking for a little extra flavour in your coffee horchata, try adding a light coffee syrup. It’s a great way to enhance the flavour without making it too sweet.

Since coffee syrup is a delicious and versatile ingredient, it can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some of the different ways you can use coffee syrup:

  • Make a coffee horchata float: This is a refreshing and tasty treat for hot summer days. Simply add a scoop of ice cream to a glass of cold coffee horchata and top it off with coffee syrup.
  • Make a coffee horchata milkshake: This is a delicious treat that’s perfect for coffee lovers. Simply add some coffee syrup and coffee horchata to your favourite ice cream and blend it up for a delicious milkshake.
  • Use it as a pancake or waffle syrup: If you’re looking for a unique twist on pancake or waffle syrup, simply replace the usual syrup with coffee syrup. Your guests will love the delicious flavour!
  • Add it to yoghurt: If you’re looking for a healthy way to enjoy coffee syrup, simply add it to your favourite yoghurt. The flavour is delicious and it’s a great way to get an extra boost of energy in the morning.

These are just a few of the different ways you can use coffee syrup. Be creative and see what other delicious ways you can come up with!

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